ATV brought data-casting test working with ATSC 3.0 capable PBS station in Indianapolis expanding participants from local to state-wide authorities.


ATV embraced mission and participation with ATSC.org.


ATV sets the landscape for MVPD relations in preparation for ATSC 3.0.


ATV launches its own OTT initiative for broadcasters.


ATV crests the $1 billion mark for retrans clients.


ATV exceeds $1 billion in cash fees for their clients.


“Cutting Some Slack” published in The Financial Manager magazine.


ATV exceeds $250 million in CASH fees for their clients.


Cash deals negotiated by ATV for their respective clients for this retransmission consent period.


ATV begins the heavy lifting process, including preparation of election letters to all cable, telco, and satellite service providers for each ATV client. Followed by the start of the negotiations for this round of retransmission consent negotiations, with a targeted eye toward cash and full carriage of our clients’ digital signal, including multicast channels.


ATV secures the first meaningful cash-for-carriage deals for our clients. Advance preparation begins for the next round of Retransmission Consent.


Mike Ruggiero is a guest panelist at ATSC Conference and BFA conference.


Secured high definition carriage and cash considerations in negotiated retransmission consent agreements. Secured broadcast affiliates and carriage for new multicast channels Latino Alternative Network (LATV) and World Championship Sports Network (WCSN). Begins development of Motor Trend Television network.


Secures affiliation agreements for The TUBE with Raycom Media, Sinclair Broadcast Group and Tribune Broadcasting. December 2004. ATV is featured in the cover story for “Minds in Media.”


Secures broadcast affiliates for the first entertainment multicast channel, The TUBE Music Network.


Secured multicast carriage rights in retransmission consent. Launched the AccuWeather Local Digital Weather Channel with Capital Broadcasting on Time Warner Cable.


Secured broadcast industry’s first cash-for-carriage deal from satellite service providers.


“Retrans Middle Man” story about Mike Ruggiero runs in Broadcasting & Cable magazine.


Helped create Fox Affiliates consortium (FACE) to leverage 80 Fox affiliate station retransmission consent negotiations.


First year of retransmission consent after passage of the 1992 Cable Act. ATV represented 80 television stations, managing every phase of retransmission consent – from mass mailing of election letters, through face-to-face negotiations with cable MSOs. Cash was not possible, but ATV created value through free fiber optic links, second channels for local news, CNN Headline News inserts, cable purchase of station advertising buys and much more. ATV was the


The Supreme Court rules “must-carry” unconstitutional. ATV Broadcast’s amicable policies help keep peace and maintain carriage with cable during a time of turmoil in the broadcast industry. ATV Broadcast clientele jumped to 20 stations.


Assisted numerous Fox stations in gaining carriage and good channel positions. Our client WFGX, Augusta, along with another UHF station who received common VHF channel positions, was the second winner of the “Fox Affiliate of the Year Award”.


First year of ATV operations. We placed Indianapolis station WXIN on common cable channel 11 throughout the market. That made it possible for this UHF station to be treated as a VHF station. WXIN became the the winner of the first ever “Fox Affiliate of the Year Award”.