Teamwork is a key element of ATV Broadcast. Our team is a diversified telecommunications consulting group focused on optimizing broadcast resource portfolios in respective markets. Our many facets of experience span broadcasting, cable telecommunications, programming, advertising, financial review, contract continuity, data tracking, document management, and more.


Our Team

Doug Smith
Doug Smith
President and CEO

A graduate of Purdue University, Doug began his career in 1980 in cable television when cable wasn’t cool.  The uncool turned hot with astonishing growth with two blue chip MVPDs spanning more than 20 years.Doug’s experience was also enhanced in the programming and distribution sector by spending years with the Disney Channel leading to explosive growth in carriage across the cable industry. With this background, Doug joined Mike Ruggiero at ATV to expand an excellent business in markets approaching nation-wide coverage and cooperatively building an outstanding team of professionals and diversifying ATV’s service offerings to the broadcast television industry. This growth has honored broadcasters in 157 different DMAs with viewers in 49 states to date.

Michael N. Ruggiero
Michael N. Ruggiero

A graduate of LaSalle University, Mike began his professional career in the New York offices of CPA firm Deloitte & Touche in 1974. In 1979, Mike created a cable television marketing firm that caught the attention of Cox communications and became Division Manager for their Indianapolis, Indiana Division. In 1980, Mike helped form the Perennial Pictures Film Corporation and in 1983 Founded ATV Broadcasting where he serves as its CEO today. Mike has served as a two-term Governor of AAFS 6th District (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan) and was a four-year board member of the National American Advertising Awards (ADY) Process Committee. In addition, Mike also enjoys his work with the Mozel Sanders Foundation.

Rick Thedwall
Rick Thedwall
Executive Vice President

Rick’s experience is immense in the broadcast television industry going back to the 1970s.  Rick ushered in many changes in the industry by orchestrating one of the first cash for carriage retransmission consent agreements. His diverse roles in programming, distribution, operations, and strategy development enabled Rick to usher in many firsts for broadcasters to include the nations first NCAA digital multicast and crafting hundreds of successful retransmission consent agreements with MVPDs. Rick is an integral part of the breadth and depth of the ATV team.

Chris Ruggiero
Chris Ruggiero
VP of Operations

Chris joined ATV Broadcast in 1994 after attending Indiana University, and has been involved in all aspects of the broadcast-distributor relations consultancy. As Vice President of Operations, he is responsible for a broad range of broadcast client issues including, retransmission consent negotiations with cable, telco, and satellite service providers. He also serves as the director of compliance for ATV clients in the areas of syndex, significant viewing studies, and promotional opportunities for client stations, which has enhanced ATV’s value to broadcasters.

Carol Ruggiero
Carol Ruggiero
VP of Finance

A consummate professional, Carol adds inside and outside perspective of finances to the ATV team.  Her lengthy background in the insurance industry with blue chip, Prudential, provides Carol with a grounded approach to the financial and accounting side of ATV.

Clarice R. Thomas
Clarice R. Thomas

Clarice joined ATV Broadcast as Vice President of New Media in 2013 after 18 years of marketing and sales project management experience in both the public and private sectors including Director of Marketing for DBC America (Helsinki, Finland) and Chief Administration Officer to Pinnacle Excavation Cable Fiber Optic Specialty (Dallas, Texas). Clarice’s expertise includes building functional & collaborative teams and is recognized for her leadership abilities producing top practices, methodologies, negotiation skills, and branding identity.

Nick Arnold
Nick Arnold

A veteran of the telecommunications industry since 1977, Nick has held various sales and management positions with major MVPD operators around the country.
Over the years Nick has demonstrated effective leadership and strategic planning abilities along with a proven track record of establishing and implementing successful direct sales and marketing initiatives. In addition to his direct sales background, Nick, along with the entire ATV Broadcast team have successfully assisted clients in multiple ventures aimed at increasing their overall market share and penetration.

Raoul DeSota
Raoul DeSota
Executive Adviser

Raoul De Sota is a graduate of UC Davis and has spent a career in the media and entertainment industry working in Central & North America and Europe. He has broad experience with executive management roles in affiliate sales, finance, marketing and, strategic business development. Raoul is a NAMIC ELDP graduate of the UCLA Anderson School of Management and is bulingual in Spanish and English.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Legal Consultant

With a law degree from Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law and engineering degrees from Vanderbilt University and Purdue University, Mike brings a diverse background to ATV’s culture in providing legal counsel. Mike’s 15 years of various roles within Eli Lilly and Company encompassing Engineering, Research and Development and Lilly’s Law Division, provides ATV with sound and pragmatic legal advice and support via his private practice with his law partner, and spouse, Susan Rayl.


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