Why hire ATV?

    • ATV generated over $400M in cash for our client stations this last cycle of retransmission consent elections alone.
    • Cumulatively, the revenues exceeds $1 Billion.
    • ATV is not one-dimensional. We are diverse, and we protect broadcast station revenue portfolios by an all-encompassing approach.
    • ATV’s agreements for clients serve viewers in 49 of 50 states in 157 of 210 markets, as well as Puerto Rico.
    • ATV is flexible to address different needs and objectives. While most of our clients are engaged in longer term arrangements, we can also accommodate shorter assignments from our menu of services with the same vigor and level of commitment.

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    ATV Timeline

    First Year of Operations. We placed Indianapolis station WXIN on common cable channel 11 throughout the market.
    Helped create Fox Affiliates consortium (FACE) to leverage 80 Fox affiliate station retransmission consent negotiations.
    Secures broadcast affiliates for the first entertainment multicast channel, The TUBE Music Network.
    ATV secures the first meaningful cash-for-carriage deals for our clients. Advance preparation begins for the next round of Retransmission Consent
    ATV exceeds $1 Billion in CASH fees for their clients.
    Doug Smith
    Doug Smith
    CEO and President

    It is an exhilarating experience to be working among a team of seasoned professionals for the benefit of our clients. When you have the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with experts in the telecommunications industry where the front line has roots spanning five decades, you feel Blessed.

    This is how it is working at ATV Broadcast. Starting in 1983, ATV began to serve the broadcast television industry with pride and determination. While retransmission consent negotiations and services remain the core business for ATV, the company has diversified to provide a greater range of services encompassing the many needs of broadcast television stations.

    ATV 360 is the latest direction offered by ATV where a full range of services from negotiations to revenue collections to auditing have evolved in being attentive to the rapidly changing needs in the business.

    If you haven’t seen us lately, please take a further look into our ATV 360 to see how ATV can help your bottom line. See why ATV has helped our clients book over $1 billion to date, with more in the pipeline.

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