ATV is a diversified telecommunications consulting group focused on optimizing broadcast resource portfolios in respective markets. Our many facets of experience span broadcasting, cable telecommunications, programming, advertising, financial review, contract continuity, data tracking, document management, and more. We have a proven record of success in implementing these skills by building bridges between critical resources to optimize the big picture, extending beyond short-term economic gains positioning for the future.

ATV Network Building

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Viewers of Client Stations Reside in 49/50 States


ATV Full Service View

    • ATV generated over $400M in cash for our client stations this last cycle of retransmission consent elections alone.
    • Cummulatively, the revenues more than triple this number.
    • ATV is not one-dimensional. We are diverse, and we protect broadcast station revenue portfolios by an all-encompassing approach.
    • We represent viewers in 49/50 states in 157/210 markets.
    • ATV is flexible to address different needs and objectives. While most of our clients are engaged in longer term arrangements, we can also accommodate shorter assignments from our menu of services with the same vigor and level of commitment.

    Organizational Memberships